Current Projects


Project: Disabilities Training Stories - We are developing stories to help people in remote communities get into training to become a disabilites worker.
Languages: English, Arrernte, Yolngu Matha
Client: Carpenteria Disabilities Services

Past Projects


Project: Human Rights - We are developing stories to help teachers in remote community schools teach about human rights and self determination.
Languages: English with some Arrernte
Client: Northern Territory Council for Human Rights Education


Project: Keeping Strong - Stories that talk about depression and anxiety for urban and rural Aboriginal people.
Languages: Arrernte and English
Client: beyondblue - the national depression initiative


Project: N.T. Wide Gambling Awareness Campaign - This marketing and education campaign includes italk stories, advertisements and educational DVD’s presented 11 languages.
Languages: Anindiyakwa, Arrernte, Kriol, Kunwinjku, Luritja, Murrinh-Patha, Tiwi, Warlpiri, Yolngu Matha, English
Client: Northern Territory Department of Justice


Project: Indigenous Family Violent Offending Program – (IFVOP) A comic book and DVD covering IFVOP services.
Languages: Arrernte, Kriol, Yolngu Matha, English
Client: Northern Territory Correctional Services, Department of Justice


Project: Family Group Conferencing - A DVD that explains the process of Family Group Conferencing.
Languages: English
Client: Northern Territory Department of Children and Families


Project: Word of Mouth - Community education campaign and gambling harm minimisation resources.
Languages: Arrernte and English
Client: Northern Territory Department of Justice


Project: Universal Stories of Healing From Depression - Marketing and education campaign about stories of healing, hosted online, and in DVD format for national distribution.
Languages: English, Sudanese Arabic (Sudan), Karen (Burma) and Dari (Afghanistan)
Client: beyondblue: the national depression initiative with the Australian Centre for Social Innovation


Project: Keeping Strong - a marketing and community education resource pamphlet made for Indigenous Australians covering key information about the signs and symptoms of depression and healing pathways for the individual, family and community.  Over 39,000 have been distributed nationally.
Client: beyondblue: the national depression initiative


Project: Money Management - A community education campaign producing 4 italk stories covering key aspects of financial literacy issues such as interest, savings, credit cards and credit risks.
Languages: Allyawar, Arrernte, Pitjantjatjara, Warumungu, Warlpiri, English
Client: Matrix On Board


Project: Uluru Rent Money Story - Produced 300 interactive DVD’s to explain the financial distribution to community development projects from the income received from Uluru Rent Money.  These DVD’s were widely distributed to the surrounding communities of Uluru.
Languages: Ngaanyatjarra and English
Client: Central Land Council


Project: English Language Self Assessment - Produced an italk story which allows Aboriginal people to self assess their spoken and reading levels of English.
Client: Northern Territory Department of Employment Education and Training


Project: Court Stories - Marketing and community education resource covering the scope of service delivered by the Witness Assistance Program.
Languages: Arrernte and English
Client: Northern Territory Department of Justice


Project: Break the Cycle of Violence - A marketing and community education  pamphlet, about the services of the Indigenous Family Violence Program.
Client: Northern Territory Department of Justice


Project: Everything Comes From the Land - interactive CD introducing Australian Indigenous (Arrernte) World View. Presented by MK Turner (OAM)
Languages: Arrernte and English
Client: Insitiute for Aboriginal Development


Project: Teaching You Can Do It - italk story encouraging young Indigenous people to become teachers.
Languages: Arrernte, Yolngu Matha, English
Client: Northern Territory Department of Employment, Education and Training


Project: Strong Teeth - interactive CD and online resource for use with Indigenous communities about the health and care of teeth. Click here to view online or order a free CDROM.
Languages: Arrernte, Warlpiri, English
Client: National Health and Medical Research Council


Project: Sex, Yum, Ouch, Sex, Yum, Aargh, Sex, Yum, Woops - Community education resource comprised of 3 interactive CD’s on sexually transmitted infections, contraception and HIV, for Indigenous people within the NT.
Languages: Arrernte, Pitjantjatjarra, English
Client: Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (OATSIH)


Project: Sex, Yum, Ouch – Thailand - Production of an interactive CD about sexual health information for use in Thailand.
Languages: Thai
Client: Thailand – Australian Institute


Project: Waiting For the Money - italk story covering the payment process and delays in payment for artist in remote communities.
Languages: Arrernte and English
Client: Desart